Back in the High Life!

Hey guys! I’m baaaaack! Did you miss me! Thanks to Erin and Tiff for holding the fort down while I was busy in tv land and fitness competition land. I have been super busy with my clients, making them gorgeous and fit for their upcoming shows but thanks to our hard work and my wonderful staff, I am back to my U ROCK roots and will be a regular contributer on the site. We have a ton in store for you guys and Im more excited than ever to get the ball rolling this Summer! We will be holding a U ROCK GIRL free telecall this Summer with fun information, and girl talk that empowers, motivates and educates! Another fun project that we will be involved with is, product reviews. There are so many great products out there and then there are some DUDS too. We will give you the low down on what we think is worth your time and what we think is a bunch of crap!
I am excited to give you my review of a great skin care product. Bear in mind, I do not receive any compensation for reviews so we can be honest without a conflict of interest! So be on the lookout for my first product review of skin care and such! Today and every day, be sure to say to a fellow sister, “YOU ROCK GIRL”

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