Do you have a “BUSY” signal?

I have been a fitness coach since the mid 1980’s. I fondly look back to the early years of my personal training career, where I trained women in the privacy of their homes… their “beautiful” homes. As a young trainer, I enjoyed driving up the long driveways, being greeted by the nanny or housekeeper and eventually my fabulous client. I trained such wonderful women who were not only wealthy, but simply “fabulous”. They were all so genuine, generous and fun to be around. I never found any of them to be “stuck up”, rude or holier than thou! I was lucky and I often miss these “fabulous women”.
One thing that they used to love to talk about, was how busy they were. I remember one gal was so angry at her husband as he was traveling for work all week, and left her with the two kids, the nanny, the housekeeper and her cook. He had the nerve to miss the meeting with the interior decorator and she was going to have to pick out the colors for the new wing all by herself. (I’m not exaggerating). She was sending the nanny out to the store as there simply wasnt a “thing” for her cook to prepare for dinner.
Meanwhile I am thinking to myself “wow, this woman just doesn’t get how lucky she is”. Did she know how busy I was? I was driving from here to there, in a used car, working my butt off, teaching 10 aerobics classes a week, training a ton of clients, trying to make ends meet like most young trainers, and trying to figure out who I was in this world.
Little did I realize that in this woman’s mind, she truly was busy. She indeed, had things to take care on a daily basis. It wasn’t until years later and with more maturity, that I came to realize that we ALL are busy! We all have our own definitions of what “busy” means but we all know they if we are working beyond our idea of normalcy, then we consider ourselves to be busy!
What if we made an effort to not use the phrase “I’m so busy” this week? I am going to really try to do this one. Sure, I’m busy but who isnt? I meet women all the time who I know, aren’t as busy as me but in their life, they are super busy! Why do we always want to compare our “busy-ness” scale.
Sometimes my husband and I even try to compete for who is busier. It always ends up with us laughing at each other as we sound so silly. We sound like dueling banjos, comparing what we do on a daily basis.
This week, try to notice how everyone wants to tell you how busy they are! As much as you want to shout out your comparisons, say nothing! Be polite and don’t even mention your schedule.
There is a time and a place for you to have your turn but for now, listen to your friend and just encourage them to take one step at a time and they will get through their busy schedule.
Even to this day, I still find myself at those moments when I meet a woman who insists on comparing her day with me. These days, I smile and remind myself of the “fabulous women” that I used to train. Can we all just agree that we are all busy and call it a day?
So, again, for one week, try to refrain from the phrase “I’m so busy” or “I’m too busy”.

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