Fabulous Finds #11

Village Harvest Fully Cooked Quinoa  Those who know me know that quinoa is one of my favorite foods. I sing its praises constantly. Quinoa is a super-grain as it is a high-fiber, complete-protein complex carbohydrate. It’s so quick to cook and incredibly versatile (see our archives for a piece on Quinoa). Now we have a fully-cooked quinoa found in the freezer-section! All it takes is 55 seconds in the microwave and you have perfectly cooked quinoa. ($7.99 for 20 oz – plenty for leftovers). www.villageharvestrice.com

No Om Zone Yoga DVD  Do you want to start incorporating yoga into your workout routine, but are too put-off or intimidated by classes with all of that chanting? Well, this is a yoga DVD for you! The No Om Zone contains 3 fun workouts which target different body parts and last only 15 minutes each. www.thenoomzone.com ($15).

Dry Shampoo  Do you find that there are days where you just don’t have time to wash your hair or want a quick solution to your post-workout hair routine? Try dry shampoo. You spray it on your roots, dividing the hair into sections and allow it to sit for 2 minutes. Then you brush out the powder and voila – clean hair! The powder-like consistency of the dry shampoo absorbs the oil and any gunk your hair has accumulated, leaving you with a clean do. There are many brands to choose from, so visit your local beauty supply store or websites, like www.sephora.com, www.amazon.com ($20 for 3 oz.).

Mandoline  A mandoline is a kitchen device for slicing and cutting foods like vegetables and hard fruits into many different shapes (paper-thin slicing, julienne, grating) with amazing precision. There are some very expensive, professional-grade models out there, and there are some very cheap, flimsy ones, too. I use mine a lot, and invested a moderate amount of money into one that I find pretty sturdy and reliable. Beware – the blades on these products are very sharp. You must read all of the safety information first and use the mandoline with the guide to protect your fingers (I know firsthand how that thing can cut your finger!). Find it in any kitchen-supply store or catalog, or online at www.amazon.com .

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