Happy and Healthy Halloween

Ghotrick-or-treat-31263sts and goblins can be pretty scary, but so can the large quantities of candy that the kids bring home (or the leftovers you have after the doorbell stops ringing). What’s a health-conscious girl to do? If you’re a mom, you want your kids to be able to enjoy the holiday with a few pieces of candy, but cringe at the idea of the sugar high that can last all Halloween night and for the days to come. If you don’t have kids, but still supply the sugary goods, how do you prevent yourself from diving head-first into the candy-filled pumpkin? Never fear  — help is here!

Healthy Halloween Tips

  • Wait until the last minute to buy your Halloween candy. Yes, you might miss out on some of the screamin’ deals that your local store offers in the weeks leading up, but you won’t be tempted to sample the goods ahead of time, either.
  • Buy candy you know you absolutely will not eat. It’s so much easier to stay away from the sweets if their not making your mouth water.
  • How about healthier treats? Try mini bags of Popchips, mini Clif bars, Z bars, mini raisin boxes, cocoa-dusted almonds, fruit leathers, and mini dark chocolate bars.
  • Give away fun Halloween-themed toys instead of candy. Sure, it may seem kind of Bah Humbug-ish, but plenty of kids will love getting a mini slinky, vampire fangs, sticky eyeballs, and glow-in-the-dark spider rings. Check out Oriental Trading Co. or the local dollar store for some great ideas.
  • Before the kids head out for the evening of trick-or-treating, make sure they have a healthy, well-balanced dinner that includes whole grains, plenty of veggies, and a good shot of protein.
  • Make some delicious, home-made fun treats that you can trade for some of your kids candy. Check out tomorrow’s post for some Halloween-themed healthier treats.
  • Ahead of time, make a deal with your kids that they get to keep 10 pieces of candy and will donate the rest. There are plenty of organizations that will collect your candy and send them overseas to our troops serving our country. Try donating them to your local church or temple, or to your local dentist, who may even offer a donation incentive of paying the kids for donating their candy. Money talks!


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