Wear Red for National Heart Month!

As you all know, February is National Heart Month. Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day. Thousands of Americans will be wearing red to draw attention to this startling fact: Over 430,000 women are silenced each year by cardiovascular disease – and most of these deaths are preventable.

We know that there are many factors that contribute to developing heart disease – genetics, diet, physical activity, stress, smoking, sleep. We strongly urge each and every one of you to know your numbers – blood pressure, thyroid, lipids, blood sugar, insulin, cortisol, waist circumference, hours of sleep. Get to the doctor and get checked, right away.

We also know that YOU have the ultimate power in determining the health of your heart. YOU decide what goes into your body. YOU decide how active you’re going to be. YOU decide how much sleep you get. YOU decide how to deal with your stress. YOU decide whether or not you’re going to smoke.

YOU get to decide. Everything you choose to do today has an impact on your future. YOU can prevent heart disease from striking you.

Tell your friends and family to WEAR RED, tomorrow, February 3rd. Let’s stand together and make a strong statement that


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