New Year, New Look, New You

We here at U Rock Girl believe that the start of a new year carries with it such symbolism – a new year means it’s time for a new look and time to see what changes you want to make for a new and improved you!


Making Changes

Rather than making New Year’s Resolutions (which usually fail), how about taking some time for some real, in-depth soul-searching. Take a true assessment of where you are with your weight, health, and wellness and where you would like to be. Once this is done, you can set some realistic and achievable goals. Our advice, make one change a day and build from there.

  • Diet: To accurately assess the dietary changes you should make, keep a 3-4 day food diary and have it analyzed. This way you’ll know what kinds of deficiencies (such as too little fish oil, vitamin D, or water) or surpluses (like sugar, fast food, and coffee) your diet is providing and what kinds of realistic changes you can make to achieve better health.
  • Exercise: Like keeping a food journal, keep a 7-day exercise journal, detailing what kinds of exercise you’re getting, the frequency, intensity, and duration of each session. Again, it will help you spot any imbalances and allow you to make realistic goals to achieve better balance between cardiovascular, weight training, core work, and stretching.
  • Sleep: We know how important sleep is for maintaining a healthy weight and boosting your immune system. Are you getting 7-8 hours a night? If not, why not? Are you up late surfing the web or watching TV? Shut off the electronics and substitute a calming activity which will allow you to wind down earlier and get some more shut-eye.
  • Supplements: Do you take any supplements? How do you know which ones are right for you and if the ones in your cabinet are even of good quality? Speak with an expert about supplements (such as a Registered Dietitian or a Naturopathic doctor) to find out what you need to take and which brands are reputable.
  • Down-time: Are you a go-go-go girl? Do you ever make time to just chill out and slow down? If not, then you’ll likely burn out mentally and physically as all of that running around can compromise your immune system. Figure out what you like to do for chill-time, when you will fit it into your daily or weekly life,  where you plan on doing it, and how you will make sure that it happens. Be specific and it will happen.

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