Weekend Edition: Sensual Skating

As a young girl, I always loved to watch ice skating on tv. I never really was a great skater but I used to imagine myself at the Olympics, stepping on the podium, and wearing a gold medal around my neck. I would sing the national anthem and give those Russian girls dirty looks… oh come on, tell me you didnt imagine this same scenario when you were a young girl.
I actually got a “Dorothy Hamill” haircut like all my friends and even though I never really skated much, I was obsessed with the sport.
After Dorothy, I followed Debi Thomas, who was the first African American skating champion and wow, she totally rocked.

Although Katerina Witt beat her out for the Gold medal, Debi performed at the last night of the Olympics to “Relax” and the place went wild. When all the other skaters, including Katerina, skated to stuffy boring songs, Debi rocked it out and I still remember it!

Perhaps the most memorable skating event for me, was the legendary Torvill and Dean “Bolero” 1984 performance. I have to say it was the sexiest thing on ice, that I had ever seen!  As I was a college student at the time, it became the subject of conversation at parties, in classes on sexuality and everywhere that boys and girls would congregate.
I provided the link here and I want you to check it out. Remember, that during this time, there was NOTHING like this on tv. Torvill and Dean set the mark as sensuality on the ice and the sport was never the same afterward. For those of you who are young, please check it out.  At the time, it was a masterpiece and it changed everything in the skating community.

Skating rinks were soon filled afterward, with young adults, skating for the first time, as couples. (Myself included). Although it was short lived, I look fondly back at the brief moment in time that I tried to be a “sexy skater”.

The winter olympics will soon be here and we wil meet new legends of the sport. We will be cheering for the underdogs and singing our National Anthem along with them (hopefully!)

For now, check out this beautiful masterpiece, and lace up your skates- rock it out this winter!

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  1. CathySavage says:

    The music, that song.. the fluuid moves… thats HOT!

  2. I love this! Beautiful and amazing!

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