10 Snacks Under 150 Calories

To snack or not to snack? That is the question. Our grandmother used to always say “No snacking – it will ruin  your appetite!” Sorry, grandma, we beg to differ. People who stick with the 3-meal-a-day pattern usually tend to overeat at each of those meals because going that many hours between eating leaves them feeling ravenous. Couple that with a low blood sugar and and feeling cranky and – watch out! If it’s not nailed down, it’s in your mouth and usually the wrong foods are chosen when feeling like this.

There’s a lot of evidence that shows that smaller, more frequent meals that include fiber and protein keep blood sugar levels steady (steady stream of energy coming in) and help with weight loss and weight maintenance. It’s best to make your own snacks rather than buying them from the vending machine, corner store, or street vendor. That way you control the quality and quantity of ingredients. And you end up saving a lot of $$$.

Making your own snacks is pretty simple. Try some of these out and bring them with you to work, school, or on-the-go.


  • 3 mini whole wheat pita + 2 tbs. hummus
  • 1 organic peach + 14 almonds
  • 1 banana + 1/2 tbs. almond butter
  • 2 cups veggie sticks (cucumber, jicama, bell pepper) + 2 tbs. black bean dip or guacamole
  • 1/2 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt + 1 cup raspberries (organic)
  • 1 cup tortilla soup
  • 1 hard-boiled egg chopped and stuffed into 1 mini whole wheat pita + salsa
  • 1 mini turkey meatloaf
  • 2 oz. smoked salmon topped with 2 tbs. nonfat plain Greek yogurt (mixed with lemon zest) and 1/2 cup chopped cucumber
  • 1/2 cup nonfat cottage cheese + 1/3 cup pico de gallo + wrapped in 2 large lettuce leaves (roll it all up)

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