Are you a Social Snacker?

You know the type of girl – she can’t say  “no” to doughnuts at the morning meeting, nor to cake for the office birthday celebration, and definitely not to hot wings at happy hour. Is that you? Well, all of that fun-munching while being a social butterfly adds a significant number of calories to your day, making it more difficult for you to achieve and maintain your weight goals.

What to do?

First and foremost, you must make a list of your goals. We are talking about the realistic and achievable ones, not pie-in-the-sky ones. Write them down and post them where you can see them – on your computer monitor, on the refrigerator and pantry door, on your bathroom mirror. They’ll be there as a reminder of what’s important to you and hopefully keep you from indulging more than you should.

Be smart about ordering when dining out. We know that restaurants are not our friends when it comes to portion control and healthy food preparation. The average meal contains 1,000 calories! Yikes! That’s half to three-quarters of what you should be eating in an entire day! When dining out, try these smarter strategies:

  • Ask the waiter not to bring the bread basket; instead ask for a plate of veggies and salsa
  • Order off the appetizer menu instead of the entree menu – choose 2 appetizers for your meal (not the fried and cheesy ones!)
  • Have half of your meal “doggy-bagged” as soon as your meal arrives
  • Make sure half of your plate is covered in veggies (steamed, not fried or sauteed)
  • Make special requests: sauce/dressing on the side; fruit or salad instead of fries; food to be baked, broiled, poached, grilled, or steamed w/o oil, butter, or salt
  • Drink water instead of diet soda or alcohol; limit alcohol to 1 drink and have it with the meal, not before the meal
  • Fruit for dessert or split a dessert with a friend

Choose when to indulge.  The occasional splurge will not cause your clothes to get tighter. In fact, it’s healthy to give in and “be naughty” every once and a while. If you live a life of deprivation, you’re bound to go off the deep-end sometime and have a full-blown pig-out. That being said, how often is too often? Pick and choose your splurges carefully and limit them to no more than once a week.

Hello, little black dress…..

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