Are you a Superwoman?

Women. We do it all. We’re moms, grandmothers, wives, daughters, aunts, and friends. We’re chefs, bakers, doctors, accountants, gardeners, bankers, laundresses, chauffeurs, exterminators, mediators, judges and juries. And that’s just our jobs to make our homes and families run smoothly. Forget about the jobs and professions we hold outside  of the house.

But why do we try to do it all? What is it about women that makes us compelled to do everything and do it perfectly? Why is it not “good enough” to do a little less, to say “no”, to not be perfect?

Unfortunately, the drive to do it all and be perfect can have an overwhelmingly negative effect on the quality of your life. The constant stress that it puts you under can increase your blood pressure, oxidative stress in the body, lead to binge eating and weight gain, increase anxiety, and cause depression, to name just a few. Read more about perfection and how leading an “imperfect” life can actually save your life:

Say bye-bye to Superwoman and hello to “Good enough.”

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