Back on Track

Well the superbowl has come and gone and its likely that you had one too many chicken wing or nacho and dip.

Chances are you are dehydrated as heck and feeling like that tightness you had in your belly on Saturday is now loose and soft!
Well, not to worry. Its a new week and time to get back on track. Increase your water today and keep things PURE!
What do I mean by that?
Start your morning with some organic eggs and scramble up some yummy egg whites and add some spinach. Have some organic oatmeal with a half cup of berries.
Drink some cranberry (organic) juice!
This morning breakfast of perfection will start you off on the right track and it will continue from there!
With each meal, choose clean food, and you will begin to feel better by nightfall!
Add a bit more time to your cardio regimen and really get a good “sweat on”.
Superbowls come and go-there is always some big event happening in your life and remember, you dont want to miss out on memories.

Learning the art of “getting back ontrack” will give you the body of your dreams!
When you have an event coming up, plan for it. Increase your activity and water intake!

It is more mental than anything as we tend to “beat ourselves” up too much for having fun. Life is about events, celebrations, moments and love-savor them and just know when to …GET BACK ON TRACK!

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  1. Tiffani says:

    What a great article Cathy!!! Even top fitness and nutrition experts can indulge and enjoy the food and festivities. But having the tools and learning the “art” of getting back into the groove takes practice and positive self talk! Thanks!!!

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