Conversation Nation: What do to about a WHALE!

The tragedy at Sea World with a Killer Whale killing an experienced trainer has sparked a great deal of opinions on what should be done about this whale in question. This whale had been involved in prior incidents.

According to the Associated Press:
“ORLANDO, Fla. — A veteran SeaWorld trainer was rubbing a killer whale from a poolside platform when the 12,000-pound creature reached up, grabbed her ponytail in its mouth and dragged her underwater. Despite workers rushing to help, the trainer was killed.

Horrified visitors who had stuck around after a noontime show watched the animal charge through the pool with the trainer in its jaws. Workers used nets as an alarm sounded, but it was too late.

Dawn Brancheau had drowned. It marked the third time the animal had been involved in a human death.

The whale, named Tilikum, apparently grabbed Brancheau by her long ponytail, according to the head of animal training at all SeaWorld parks, Chuck Tompkins. He told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that her ponytail swung out in front of the whale.”

So the issue now is, what to do about the whale? He can not be released apparently as he will not survive. So many opinions are to “euthanize” the whale. Animal activists say”no way”.
We want to hear from you! What should be done about this whale? What do you think? Lets hear it, rocker girls!

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