Cruising…..on Oasis of the Seas

Earlier this year, I mentioned that I was going to take a winter vacation and take up skiing again, Well folks, I changed my mind. You see, New England had a tough winter, in my standards so opted for a cruise on the biggest ship in the world. My life as a fitness coach makes me want to do everything BIGGER I guess!
All this week, I will be sharing with you, my escapades on this gorgeous ship called the “Oasis of the Seas”.
Today, I want to talk about the ship itself! Tp say, it was HUGE, was an understatement. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale and saw a bunch of cruise ships all together. We asked “which one is our ship?”. The taxi driver said.. “um, you have your own pier-they had to build a new one for your ship”-ok, I was already loving the special treatment. When I first glanced at the ship, I was blown away (it takes a lot to blow me away). As we boarded this CITY ON THE SEA, my kids didn’t seen very phased. They had never been on a cruise so they just thought this was normal. For my husband and me, we were impressed. The lines were organized and the staff were so friendly. We boarded the ship faster than I could whip out my passport.
We got to the room and were pleased- 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms- great! Just my style. We immediately went to the bar for some fun umbrella drinks and I couldn’t help but find myself looking for “Issac” from the Love Boat to be at the bar- but I found better! The bartenders were hilarious, the crew was friendly and the cruise director, was something I cant even describe. You can actually check him out if you google him on youtube- under the name Richard Spacey. He was non stop movement and laughs. These people were clearly working hard. Naturally, I checked out the spa and fitness center which are now on my top ten list for best in the world. Could this get any better? This was only the first day
! We ended the evening with a show which was called Oasis of Dreams- it was a cirque du soleil type show with water acrobats, divers etc. now I have seen “O” in Vegas- and YES, it was as good as “O”. As a frustrated wanna be song and dance gal, I quickly realized that ship was no joke! The talent onboard was fierce! All I could think of was American Idol, when Simon Cowell would mock contestants, saying they sounded like cruise ship performers…Let me tell you, these singers and dancers were better than ANYONE I have ever seen on “So you think you can dance” or “idol”. I kept saying-“why aren’t these people famous?”.
We were slotted for five different shows onboard and all of them got better than the next. The ship even had a skating rink with a production show called “Frozen in Time”. It was gorgeous and again, something you would see at the Olympics! Naturally, out of the thousands of people watching the event, they picked two children in the audience to be on the ice and be part of the show. Guess who got picked? yes, my two kids. So much fun!
I will continue with my story on Wednesday because as incredible as this trip was, I have a lot to say about how our culture EATS and how young girls act, when their parents arent watching! Stay tuned for Wednesday!

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