Destination Workout!


When you go on vacation, do you workout? Many girls I know, who travel alot, make it a habit to workout as part of their daily routine whether they are on a cruise ship, a tropical island or a snow bound mountain getaway!
I wanted to list some of the my favorite get-away destinations over the years and the fitness facilities I have worked out at! I would love for you to all let us know where else you have worked out!

1. Jamaica- Sandals Montego Bay: Well I havent been there since the 1990’s-the gym had an outdoor appeal and was in view of the ocean! This may have changed since I have been there but I truly loved every minute of it! I took classes with awesome Jamacian beats and jammed to steel drums! Incredibly awesome!

2. Hawaii- Grand Wailea, Maui: OMG is all I can say. incredible, fabulous, phenomenal-being on a treadmill, next to celebrity Brooke Burke and others was quite an experience. It is ultra lush and the equipment is to die for!

3. Ritz Carlton Naples- Gorgeous gym- small but beautiful. I loved the cardio equipment and the whole place was so clean! There was barely anyone in there each time I was there!

4.Disney World Grand Floridean: One of my favorite places to workout. I actually jog over to the health club and spa from the main property for cardio and then hit the weights. Gorgeous grounds, ice water waiting for you and life is simply magical!

5. Ritz Carlton St Thomas: Went there with hubby for a work function so I spent a good deal of time in the gym. It was small but the view was out of control. Treadmills looked out to the bay with St John in the distance. Great staff and beautiful facility-loved it!

6. Princeville Kaui, Hawaii- Yoga on the beach cant get any better with Hanalai Bay as your view…it is simpy the most beautiful place on earth by far.

7. The one and only Golds Gym in Venice, California- smelly, hot and fun! Loved the grunge of it all when I used to go there in my younger days. I also especially loved going to the Firehouse for breakfast post workout-ah, to be young again!……

I could go on and on but Im going to cool it! I want to hear it from you guys! Lets keep adding to the list ladies! Tell us where you worked out and how you liked it!

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  1. Julianne says:

    Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island Bahamas- riu palace
    Loveddd working out on the beach! no need for a gym when u got some DB's bands and the open beach.. plyos, functional training and body weight exercises make the workout burning hottt!

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