Fabulous Finds #10

This weekend we’ll all be celebrating the 4th of July (in the States), which means grilling, hanging out at the beach or the pool, and lots of fireworks. So, I thought I’d feature products that would make this weekend a success.

Tom Douglas Grill Wok by Pinzon  You know how sometimes food falls through the grates on the BBQ and into the coals? Oh how I hate that! With a grill wok, it doesn’t have to. While you grill those beautiful chicken breasts or salmon fillets, ears of corn, and sweet potatoes, you can saute your smaller pieces of mixed vegetables along side and get that great aroma of the grill. www.amazon.com ($43)

No Mu Rubs  A great griller knows the secret to amazing flavor on your protein is to give it a good rub. Many cooks have their own secret spice rubs, but if you’re not one of them, you can always steal the secrets of others by buying some really good quality spice rubs. No Mu Rubs have no MSG, preservatives, or artificial flavor. They come in the following flavors: Indian, Tandoori, and Smokey Piri Piri. www.southafricangourmet.com  ($7 for a 3.5 oz. tin)

Burn Cream MD  Did you burn yourself while running the grill? Touch the hot handle of the pot without using the pot holder? Soothe it fast with this cream that contains pain-numbing ointment and soothing aloe, arnica, chamomile, and vitamin E. It’ll make you feel like the burn never happened. www.burncreamMD.com  ($30)

Lawn Games  What’s better than playing some old-fashioned lawn games with your family and friends? Lawn darts, Badminton, Bocce, Croquet, Volleyball (pool sets available), Tetherball. All of these games are readily available at your local Target or WalMart, as well as specialty stores and on-line. Prices vary, but well worth it for some fun-in-the-sun memories and lots of laughter.

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