Fabulous Finds 12/3 – Holiday Gifts

For some of you the Holidays are already here (Hannukkah) and for others, Christmas is just 3 weeks away! So what gifts are on our radar this year? FYI – I’m loving the website delight.com and a lot of my shopping will be done there this year for all of the ladies on my list!

RuMe CUFF– At first, it looks like a cuff for your hot cup of coffee or tea, protecting your hands from burning. But a closer look reveals a zippered pocket where you can store keys, money, an ID. No purse needed! Or slip it on your arm when you go out for a run or to the gym. What a handy place to stash everything! http://www.delight.com/RuMe-CUFF

The Cooking Guide Apron –  Not sure how many teaspoons equals one tablespoon or how long to cook a 5 pound chicken. Well, flip up your apron because the answers are there!   http://www.delight.com/Handy-Cooking-Guide-Apron

Measure Up Portion Control Bowls –  Do you pour your cereal into the bowl with using a measuring cup? How can you be sure how much rice you really ate? These serving bowls have pre-measured portion lines on the inside of the bowl to help keep you on track. So go ahead and pour a heaping bowl of vegetable soup!  http://www.delight.com/Measure-Up-Portion-Control-Bowls

GreaterGood.com –  I’m a big fan of shopping from sites that serve a purpose. The Greater Good site has multiple links that benefit hunger, children’s literacy, animals, women’s issues, and my favorite – breast cancer. Buy from them and make yourself (and someone else) feel good. www.greatergood.com

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