Fabulous Finds #13

Kozy Shack Simply Well Pudding Who knew that a pudding treat could taste so good and be good for you? There are five flavors in the Simply Well line to choose from – Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla, Lemon Ginger, Green Tea Chai, and Pear Mangosteen. Each has 100 calories, 1 gram fat, 13-14 g sugar, 3 g fiber, is a decent source of Calcium and the prebiotic Inulin. Gluten Free and Kosher www.kozyshack.com Find it your local grocery store.

Spri Foam Roller  I’m sure you’ve seen people in the gym rolling themselves over these foam rollers and wondered, “What are they doing?”  Well, foam rollers are a simple, effective balance and alignment tool for developing core stabilization, lower body balance and stamina, and body awareness. They’re also great for rolling out knotted muscles, like a deep tissue massage. The come in a variety of sizes. www.spri.com. Visit their website to purchase or find a dealer near you.

Ahava Gentle Body Exfoliator  Skin is your body’s largest organ. Anything you put on it gets absorbed through the pores into the body’s circulation. Your skin also takes a beating from the sun and sweat that it’s exposed to. To keep your skin healthy, you have to remove the top, dead layer of cells to allow the new skin cells to do their job. Regular exfoliation using mineral-rich Dead Sea salts is just the ticket. www.ahavaus.com

Zoku Quick Pop Maker  Summertime = warm temperatures = popsicles! Rather than rely on the store-bought, sugar-laden, artificial coloring pops, why not make your own? Use fresh fruit juice blended with your favorite fresh fruit and you have a healthy, delicious treat ready in 10 minutes! www.zokuhome.com  Available on-line and at Williams Sonoma.

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