Fabulous Finds #15

You know how important it is to snack. Between-meal pick-me-ups can keep your metabolism humming and prevent the overeating at meals that comes from going too many hours without eating. Of course, make smart snacking choices, which focus primarily on fruits and vegetables. This week’s Fabulous Finds are all about snack foods.

Annie Chuns All Natural Asian Cuisine Mini Wontons: Both the Chicken & Garlic and Chicken & Cilantro flavors are delicious.  At only 50 calories for 4 pieces, these little dumplings will be a hit at your next party! Full of flavor and steamed instead of fried, it just proves that healthy food does taste good. www.AnnieChun.com

Snyder’s of Hanover Organic 8 Grains & Seed Snacks: These pretzel-like snacks are made with whole wheat flour, whole oat flour, flax seed, buckwheat flour, whole brown rice flour, whole rye flour, whole barley flour, sesame seeds , quinoa, and millet. Great crunch with little guilt. www.snydersofhanover.com

Mussleman’s Healthy Picks Applesauce: Kids and adults alike will love these single-serving containers of applesauce in antioxidant-packed flavors like Raspberry Acai, Bluberry Pomegranate, and KeyLime Cupuacu. At just 70 calories per cup, it counts as a serving of fruit. http://www.musselmans.com/AppleSauce.aspx

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