Fabulous Finds #16

This week – Breakfast Rules!

Tovolo Pancake Pen– You know how much fun it is to make designs with your pancake batter (I’m pretty good at making a Mickey Mouse head) or as a kids when your mom made pancakes in the shape of the letters of your name. But of course, it’s soooo messy. Well, not anymore. Check out this pancake pen, which is like a squeeze botle for the batter – it allows your inner artist the freedom to create without the mess. ($9.95) www.cooking.com

Norpro Pancake/Tortilla Keeper – Whether you’re feeding a family of four or fourteen, pancake or waffle mornings means making a large quantity. But you don’t want the first batch to get cold while you’re making the second (and third…). As each batch comes off the griddle, place them in the Pancake Keeper so they will stay warm. Also great for keeping tortillas warm or just use it as a serving bowl. Dishwasher-safe. ($12.95) www.cooking.com

Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake Molds – Of course you’ll want to use these on Valentine’s Day for a sweet breakfast for your kids or your special valentine. Nothing says love like heart-shaped pancakes. Of course, you can use them any time you want to show someone how much you love them. ($5.95) www.cooking.com

Healthy Pancake mix –  If you’re too tired to make your own healthy pancake mix from scratch, make sure to keep some of the good stuff in the pantry. http://www.hodgsonmill.com/roi/673/Pancake-Mixes/    www.kodiakcakes.com     www.lehirollermill.com    www.bobsredmill.com

Many of the companies make Gluten-free products as well. For a great (and easy) homemade recipe, check out the recipe archives.

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