Fabulous Finds – 9/17/10

It’s Friday, so it must be time for some more Fabulous Finds! Here’s what we’re loving right now in the world of food, beauty, health, and fitness.

Be-a-kid-again snacks:  I love crunchy snacks. I love fruity snacks. How about a combination of the two? Right now I’m loving the Funky Monkey Bananamon (banana with cinnamon) snacks, which are freeze-dried organic bananas sprinkled with organic cinnamon. 1 package has 45 calories, is 100% organic, vegan, raw, and Gluten-free. Check out their website,  www.funkymonkeysnacks.com, for other great flavors and locations near you or online ordering.

Wash Your Face:You know that exfoliating your skin is key to cell turnover which will allow your beauty products to work better, revealing healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Try using a battery-powered device to remove dirt and make-up without the gritty residue that a scrub can leave behind. Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power Cleanser ($16, at drugstores) and DDF Revolve 400x ($95, www.ddfskincare.com) are two great products that will get the job done. Use once or twice a week for best results.

Hangover Helper:  You overdid it last night at happy hour and today you’re paying the price with a terrible headache and a nauseous tummy. What to do? Well, make sure that you hydrate with plenty of water, but let your first beverage be fruit juice or a sports drink with electrolytes – the fructose helps your body to process the alcohol faster. You can also try a homeopathic remedy  called Nux Vomica to help ease your symptoms. ($6, at your health food store or www.amazon.com).

Shoe Inserts: Podiatrists often recommend custom orthotics to help treat foot problems, achy joints, and improve stability. While these can be very pricey, there are more affordable options. Try out the new Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts ($50, www.footmapping.com) at your local Wal-Mart or CVS store. You step on a machine that maps out your arch and pressure points and with that information recommends one of 14 inserts for your exercise shoes.

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