Fabulous Finds – 9/24/10

Friday’s Fabulous Finds for the first Friday of Fall!

Peanut Stability Ball:  I’m sure you’ve incorporated a stability ball in your workout. They’re a great way to challenge yourself on balance and weight training moves, really helping you focus on core stability. But have you tried the peanut stability ball ? It’s shaped like a peanut in the shell and will help you with all sorts of moves, like planks and bench presses. It’s also used widely in physical therapy and rehab.  www.balldynamics.com ($40-65, depending on size).

Organic Fruit Leather:  When I’m looking for a sweet snack and one that I won’t plow through in a New York minute, I turn to organic fruit leathers from Kaia Foods. With flavors like Gogi Orange, Lime Ginger, Spiced Apple, and Vanilla Pear, not only do you get antioxidant-rich, all-fruit nutrition, but some interesting flavor combinations that you won’t find anywhere else. Organic, raw, and only 60 calories. www.kaiafoods.com ($1.89)

Facial Peel:  Help your skin shed that top layer of dead skin cells and let the beautiful, younger skin come out with a gentle fruit acid peel. This one – Origins Brighter By Nature High-Potency Brightening Peel – helps to peel and brighten the skin, without leaving it red and irritated. www.origins.com ($38).

Egg Poaching Pods:  Have you ever made poached eggs only to have them come out looking shaggy rather than neat and compact?  To make your egg poaching easier and more successful, try out these silicone egg poaching cups that go directly into the boiling water.

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