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The UROCK gang live all over the United States. Erin lives in Sunny California. Tiffani lives in Warm/dry Arizona and I live in New England. Maddox lives in the Carolinas and our readers are from everywhere in between. So I may tell you about how I am planning my big ski vacation here in the Northeast while Erin and her kids are surfing. How cool is that?
When we were on the phone a few weeks ago, I was digging out from a major snowstorm. Tiff was recovering from a heatwave and Erin was dealing with the California floods.
Needless to say our activities are all different when it comes to getting outdoors! For me, my outdoor activities are limited to running from the car into the store with my huge NorthFace coat on so this upcoming ski trip will be interesting. I am waiting for the “spring ski” season so I cant even take the credit for skiiing NOW like so many of you. You are all rock stars, in my opinion.

I have lived in New England all my life but I have to be honest. I cant stand the snow and the cold. If I had my way, I would love a white soft snow on Christmas Day and then the next day, get it out of there.
“Perhaps I shouldn’t live in New England”. I tend not to complain in public because that is the answer most would say to me. Instead, each year, for 47 years, I act surprised when the windchill starts and the snow falls. As if there is a chance of going all year long without a storm!

It makes you late, its a pain to put so many layers on, its messy, and I wont even get into the horrors of wearing a winter hat and what it does to your sense of fashion.

Aside from all the negatives, I have to say that there are special moments that only winter can bring.

For example, that first holiday you spend with a new guy, or that first time your kids put on snowpants and you all make snow angels. Making hot cocoa and sticking a peppermint stick in the cup. Or how about the time when your Mom made you soup after you attempted to go ice skating and she propped you on the couch with a warm blanket, and gave you the hearty homemade cup of “chicken noodle”.

In 1978, we experienced “the blizzard of 78” where the entire Northeast was covered with massive amounts of snow. Schools were closed for weeks, and you were not allowed to drive your car. I remember the snowbanks were so high, they seemed like mountains.

I remember being 15, and walking to the grocery store with my Dad. It was a few miles and in the snow, it seemed to have taken us all day just to get to the store! We pulled a sled for the groceries and it seemed like a journey to the North Pole. This was one of the most memorable times of my life during that blizzard. As my Dad is now in his 80’s, I cherish looking back to those times when we were able to go on adventures to the grocery store in the snow.

Perhaps if we stop and enjoy the seasons, and think back about what those times of the year represent to us, we can handle it all, a little better. If there wasn’t a snowstorm in 1978, I wouldn’t have those memories with my Dad. I wouldn’t see my kids laying in the snow, which later resulted in a snowball fight. To see my children’s rosy cheeks, with their cute snow outfits, is something that is the fabric of my life so why would I want to get SNOW out of my life.  We will once again begin new memories as my kids learn to ski this winter.

So Winter can conjure up many things to many people. When I find myself complaining about it, I try to stop myself and think back about Mom’s soup, Dad’s sled, my kids’ snow angels and the first Christmas I spent with the man of my dreams (who is now my husband).

Maybe Winter isnt so bad afterall. What is your favorite Winter memory?

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  1. Carrie D says:

    I don't like the cold either and here I am in Ohio…a few times a wk I run 4 miles (2 miles to the gym along a small stretch of highway) lift and run back. I look like a robber. I am double layered PLUS a sweatshirts, gloves, beanie cap and my nose/mouth/ear covering. All you see are eyes.

    I like the bit of nip but I am determined.


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