Get outside:I can “SKI” clearly now, the pain is gone..

I will never forget the first time I went skiing. I was a freshman in college and during Winter break, I headed up north with my high school gang (who were also home on break). I am sure one of my dear high school friends could chime in and remind me exactly where in New Hampshire we were.. or was it Maine? Good Lord, I sure don’t remember where I was but I remember how much fun I had.

The group of us were about evenly split. Guys and Girls. Funny, I still can’t believe my parents let me go without an issue. Some of the gang were “ok” skiiers, some of them were experts and some of us were first timers. I was part of the “virgin” group.

After a night of fun as most 18 year olds do, we set out to the big mountain.  I remember checking out the resort lobby with the hot cocoa and fireplace, thinking, “Hmm, I would look  good sitting in there”. However, the mountain was calling.
My competitive juices started to flow, and innocently, I faced the mountain head on. I jumped onto the chair lift without a care in the world not knowing what was in store. Getting off the chair lift, I nearly killed myself but I was determined to try to act “cool” in front of my friends. At the top of the hill, I looked down and basically knew I was in for a long cold ride on my “butt” if I didn’t act fast.

In typical “girl” fashion, I played the damsel in distress and soon, one of my handsome male friends offered to ski with me, as we went down the hill for the first time. My male friend, “Mark” told me to get in front of him and he put his arms around me, and we  traveled down the mountain. I have to say I didn’t listen to one bit of his instructions, as I was enjoying the looks on my girlfriends’ faces, who looked so jealous.

After the joyful ride down the mountain, I was quicky abandoned as naturally, my male friend wanted to ski for himself. So there I was heading up for another ride up the chair lift, again crashing head first off the chair lift, to be standing once again at the top! Now you may be asking, “why didn’t she go on the bunny slope?”. Well folks, my pride got the best of me and I wanted to be one of the gang.  As a pretty athletic person, I didn’t think I needed the bunny slope or a lesson. I was a serious tennis player, and no one could tell me that I needed a lesson to excel.  So there I was, at the top of the mountain but luckily some of my other friends were now in the same boat.
We stayed together and the scene went something like this. Swish, fall, ugh, get up, fall again, one step, swish, fall… after about an hour of this and not going more than a few feet, I said ” forget this” (ok, maybe it wasn’t those exact words). I  walked… I mean slid, on my butt, down the mountain.  I spent the rest of the day, in the lobby, hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps in hand, and loving the ski life.
I waited for my friends to finish and told them I “was all set” with skiing. Years went by and I never skiied again. I opted for warmer weather vacations and enjoyed my water sports. About ten years later, I was dating a guy who was a big ski enthusiast. Well, here we go again. I made a decision to take a few lessons as I certainly didnt want to make a fool out of myself again.
The lessons went well, really well in fact. After my first few lessons, I quickly mastered the slope, and later picked up snow boarding. Again, I took lessons and I was on my way. I started to really enjoy snowboarding and the “cool” attitude that went with it.
I started to check out cute snow outfits and started to look forward to the winter instead of dreading it. It has been a few years since I have gone on a ski trip but I am now planning a nice vacation with my husband and kids this winter.

Since its been a few years, I plan to take a refresher course along side my kids and I will listen this time, and enjoy the process.
I think if I had taken the time, all those years ago, to pay attention to the process and look at skiing as an art form. It truly is a beautiful, release from daily stress.
Feeling the cool breeze  in your face, looking at the beautiful scenery of the snow atop the green evergreens, and the clear blue sky. There is no pollution, there are no skyscrapers, and there are no traffic jams.
Do you ski? Tell us about your experiences? We would love to hear how you feel when you are gliding so freely down the mountain. Also, tell us where you ski and if you have any good recommendations in your state? We want to hear from you!

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2 Responses to Get outside:I can “SKI” clearly now, the pain is gone..

  1. Carrie D says:

    I’m trying to envision you on the lift. Well last month I went with a group of new friends to Mad River Ski Lodge for Midnight Madness snowboarding (10p-3a). I have never boarded at all but the whole group there was a good average of non-boarders. AM and several others stayed w/us to help on the bunny slope. It was soo fun granted I didn’t know how to stop. I’m in fact heading there today w/family and friends to go to Avalance Tubing Park can’t wait

  2. Fantastic post, Cathy!!!

    My absolute favorite ski spot is Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia { }. I absolutely love it there – they have the BEST hot cocoa. 🙂

    Haha, but in all seriousness, it’s a gorgeous resort with the best slopes. We’re headed up in March for my birthday and I plan on snowboarding for the first time – totally pumped about it! I like skiing, but something tells me that snowboarding will be amazing!


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