Happy Thanksgivukkah!



Have you heard about Thanksgivukkah?

This year, Thanksgiving falls on the first day of Hanukkah. This hasn’t happened in quite a long time and won’t happen again for another 77,000+ years.

But for those of you purists who want to get really technical, Hanukkah actually starts tonight (all holidays start at sundown), so actually, Hanukkah falls before Thanksgiving this year. The next time this will happen will be in the year 2070.

So, what do these holidays have in common? A lot more than you might think:

  • They both offer an excuse to pig out (not that we’re condoning this behavior)
  • They are both days to be thankful
  • They are both occasions in which to get together with family and friends

Now, what to do about a Thanksgivukkah menu? Can there be a fusion of the two cultures? ¬†Absolutely! I mean, it’s all about the food! Of course you have to have turkey, but why not serve potato latkes instead of mashed potatoes (I know my husband will shudder at the thought of that)? Cranberry sauce – sure, but put a Hanukkah twist on it by mixing it into some applesauce. You can pretty much keep the rest of the menu the same until you get to dessert. Pumpkin pie? Definitely, but check out our healthier, crustless version. Traditionally on Hanukkah, jelly donuts are served. So why not do an apple-pie jelly donut?

The bottom line is to enjoy time spent with family and friends, eat the meal mindfully, and be thankful for all that you have in your life.


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One Response to Happy Thanksgivukkah!

  1. labman57 says:

    On the occasion of the very first OFFICIAL Thanksgivukkah hybrid holiday in the history of the Universe:

    May your deep-fried turkey be a success … and not burn down the neighborhood,
    May your latke stuffing be a gastronomic hit, and
    May your friendly family flag football competition — featuring the Maccabees vs. the Pilgrims — result in neither insult nor injury.

    Happy Thanksgivukkah, everybody.
    (Let’s do it again in the year 79811)

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