How has your year started?

Well, January is almost history. One month into a new decade. Time to check in with yourself and assess your progress. How are those New Year’s Resolutions coming along? If you’re like most women, not so good. For most women, those big resolutions went bye-bye sometime around the second week of January. And now, it’s back to those old habits, leaving you feeling like a failure.

Why did this happen, again? Well, most women make big, huge, unrealistic resolutions for change, ones that they cannot achieve. Unrealistic, unachievable = failure.

Time to try something new.

Little. Small. Realistic. Achievable.

One Goal-A-Day.

Believe me – it works.

By setting only one small goal a day, you will be able to accomplish it. When you are successful, then you feel good about yourself. When you feel this way, you feel empowered. You know you can achieve what you set out to do. So you try again the next day with one goal, while repeating the goal from the day before. Again, success. Empowerment. Motivation. YES!

We offer you this 28-day Goal-A-Day Challenge. A simple way to change your life and make 2010 the first time you keep those resolutions. For about $1 a day (less than your daily Starbucks fix), you will take charge of your health – physical and emotional.

How it works

Unlike celebrity diets that advocate maple syrup lemon juice, cabbage soup, or pre-made foods, this food plan is a “whole foods program” focusing on meal timing, meal composition, and portion control. No “Franken-foods” here.

This plan will help you lose fat, gain energy, and improve your overall health and wellness by adopting behaviors that will nourish you mind, body , and soul.

We want you to eat more – not less. Eating more often (every 2-3 hours) stimulates your metabolism, keeps your energy high, and blood sugar level steady. Food is fuel. Imagine you are a Ferrari. You stop at the gas station and fill the tank with the highest octane fuel you can buy. Same with your body – you have to fill it with premium fuel – the best carbs, the best protein, the best fats.

Right foods at the Right Time in the Right Combination in the Right Amount

There is no calorie counting. We want you to listen to your body – if it is physically hungry, then feed it. If you are very active, it needs more fuel; more sedentary, less fuel is required.

2 Day Cleanse

You will start with a two-day cleansing diet. This is not the typical “detox” diet that you hear celebrities doing or read about on the internet. There’s no laxative pills, no fasting. Toxins are byproducts of food, air, and water and our bodies are very good at processing and eliminating them. But when we abuse out body but filling it with junky food – greasy, processed, sugar, alcohol – we overload our body and it can’t process as thoroughly or effectively. We feel tired, bloated, gain weight, and look terrible.

Starting out a new month with a two-day cleanse in mostly liquid form allows for easier absorption if the nutrients. This plan is packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Real, whole, clean food that will increase your energy and nourish your body and brain.

After the two-day cleanse, follow the suggested food plan. It’s so easy. Just pick and breakfast, any lunch, any dinner, and any 2-3 snacks a day. You’re the boss. No magical meal combinations.

So, who’s ready to make LITTLE CHANGES and see BIG RESULTS?

Start on February 1st and on March 1st you will have a whole new outlook on life!

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  1. Lea says:

    Where can we get more info on the cleansing diet you talk about in this article?

  2. Check out the “Monthly Programs” tab at the top – it's all in the February Goal-A-Day plan. The links are also highlighted in pink in this article 🙂

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