Is Low-Carb Dieting DANGEROUS?

Are you looking to drop some lbs? Have you tried every diet out there? How come you’ve tried so many diets? Are you successful at losing weight but not keeping it off? Have you done the “low-carb” thing? If so, you many want to think twice about it.

When comparing the results of diets who stuck to a low-fat diet vs. a low-carb diet, they both lost the same amount of weight – about 30 pounds in a year. The big difference is that the low-fat dieters felt HAPPIER. Dieters who shunned the carbs saw no increase in their happiness quotient.

Why? Well, one explanation is that too much fat and protein and not enough carbs reduce the levels of serotonin (the mood elevating neurotransmitter) in your brain, leaving you feel depressed.

Another reason is that people who are dieting have a lot of deep emotions that they are not dealing with. They think that restrictive eating, including the deprivation of certain foods, will help them achieve their weight loss goal, and thus happiness. Unfortunately, when you don’t address the underlying emotions that caused you to put on the weight in the first place, you won’t truly be successful at taking the weight off for good.

So, what’s the happy medium? You need a certain level of carbs for serotonin production and to have adequate glucose for your body and brain to function. Don’t dip below 130 grams of carbohydrates a day. Of course, make sure the carbs you are choosing are the best ones for you – fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, and beans. Spread them out evenly throughout the day and pair them with a protein or healthy fat to ensure a steady stream of energy.

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