Here are my ideas to make a good week, an even better week. As the Disney employees say, when you enter the Magic Kingdom, “Its a great day to have a great day”. Every Sunday night, I tell my husband “Its going to be a great week”. I also have to admit, every day, when I drop my kids off to school, the last thing I say to them when I give them a hug, I say the “Disney Mantra” to them. At their young ages, they love this but I’m sure its going to get old as they get older. I have constructed a “Great Week” list for us all! Let us know this week how you manage! I can guarantee that if you do everything on this list, you will experience a “Great Week!”. You have 7 days-now get busy!
1. Wake up each morning and spend 5 extra minutes lathering your body with a new body lotion.

2. Give yourself a natural facial each morning by wetting a warm cloth and putting it over your eyes, for five minutes. Lay down on your bed and sit in silence for a beautiful five minutes. (this is my new ritual and I am obsessed)
3. Wear a new eye shadow and always have some type of gloss on your lips.
4. Get a manicure. When we feel good about our hands, we express ourselves so much better!
5. Call that person you have been “meaning to call”.
6. Email or send a letter of praise to a company or store where you received excellent service. Anything from starbucks to a local retail store. I did this last week, and they gave the employee a small raise!
It made me feel great!
7. Watch the movie “The Blind Side”. I dont need to explain. When you see it, you will know why.
8. Donate old clothes, toys or items to your local charity. It will make you feel so much more connected with your community.
9. Take a yoga class. I dont care if you have never done this. Do it. Cleanse your soul and release yourself from external stress.
10. Before you go to bed, write down a positive message. Start with Tomorrow, I will accomplish…….. Just one sentence.

I have done this and it not only makes me feel great but it makes me feel very accomplished. Some weeks will be better than others but if you can find the time to experience at least half of this list, you will be in good shape! Let us know how you do!

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