Did any of you see the “Food Revolution” show that was on ABC tonight? It prompted me to write about a few things!
There was a point in the show where he said “kids can cook”. I think this spoke volumes! My daughter is constantly asking me to let her help with cooking. She helps but clearly I dont let her near the oven as she is only 6. But she helps prepare parts of dinner and she is really good at it. I think its a great idea to let kids help with cookiong as it just may be the thing to keep them healthy. AS they get older, and into their tweens, teach them to cook an omelet or stir fry. If they can operate an ipod, show them how to use a wok. Naturally, you are there next to them!
This weekend, I am taking my kids to Whole Foods, like I always do to buy their favorite foods. We buy a ton of organic food and my kids clearly know the difference.
I am lucky that my kids attend a school where organic food and local farming is part of the curriculum. I wish more schools would adopt this policy,
They eat in a dining hall, not a cafeteria. There is a chef who really makes an effort to provide a healthy balance. Again, food is part of the curriculum and I truly wish all schools could do this as it clearly makes a difference.
Take your kids to a local farm and show them where food comes from, It really makes a difference. Do it as a family and make small changes gradually.
Check out Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver on ABC as well. It was a great show! And remember, KIDS CAN COOK!

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  1. Erin says:

    All 3 of my kids love to cook. The first thing they learned was kitchen safety – not to leave a pot handle hangin over the edge, knife skills, and of course they're always watched. They can cook eggs, oatmeal, pasta, quesadillas, anything in the toaster or microwave, stir fry, etc. They love to cook and create. Give them an inch and you'll be surprised at the milkes they can go with cooking. Plus, it's a skill they MUST have, and better to develop it when they're young.

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