Labor Day Menu


So, how are you celebrating this Labor Day? Are you going to the beach? Hitting the pool? Attending or hosting a party? Whatever you do, food is surely to be involved.  What’s on your menu?

Our planned Labor Day menu is a little different than the traditional burgers and dogs or even BBQ chicken and ribs. This year we decided to do a kicked-up taco bar. With a whole bunch of people coming over, we figure we have to make it a little easier on ourselves. We decided to make a few items from scratch, but are employing some well-chosen shortcuts as well.

Here’s the Menu:

  • Trader Joe’s pollo asado – cooked on the BBQ
  • Trader Joe’s carne asada – cooked on the BBQ
  • Fresh red snapper, which we marinate in lemon and lime zest, lemon juice, lime juice, ground cumin, and ground chili powder – BBQ’d
  • Black beans (canned, rinsed and drained) seasoned with Trader Joe’s salsa verde – heated in a pot on the stove or in a bowl in the microwave
  • Corn tortillas – heated in the oven or over an open flame
  • Salsas: fire-roasted salsa; pico de gallo; salsa verde; mango salsa
  • Guacamole mixed with fresh lime juice (to add flavor and prevent oxidation)
  • Trader Joe’s spicy black bean dip

Add some salad, fresh fruit, and dessert, and we’re all set!

Have a happy and rockin’ Labor Day!

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