Make Yourself Happy

Do you feel like you’re living with too many rules and restrictions? You know the ones: no more chocolate, countless minutes on the treadmill, cutting back on the shopping. No this. No that. Makes you want to scream – aaaahhh!

It’s time to stop living the “can’t have” life to the “can have” – and be a whole lot happier. Try one some of these new “rules”:

  1. Have the chocolate – If you’ve given up chocolate (or other sweets) because you’re watching your weight, you’ll only continue to feel more deprived and end up eating the whole King-size candy bar or box of Girl Scout cookies. Give yourself permission to eat a treat of your choice(keep the calories to under 200) and enjoy it. Eat it slowly and really take notice of the taste, texture, and aroma. Savor it. Now, don’t you feel better?
  2. Let it out– Do you keep your emotions all bottled up inside? We know that’s not healthy as it increases the level of stress hormones in your body, leading to high blood pressure, insomnia, and a permanent bad mood. Instead, let it out. Find a quiet place, close the door and unload – laugh, cry, scream, swear, punch a pillow. You’ll feel much better.
  3. Jus say “No” – Stop saying “yes” to everything. You are not obligated to bake cookies for the school bake sale. You do not have to let your neighbor borrow your car. You do not have to lend a co-worker $20. You do not have to take on any extra projects at home, work, or school. Practice saying “No” right now – “No”. See, that was easy.
  4. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, massage, trip to the movies, a new book. Every now and then, it feels good to give into a “want” rather than only getting what you “need”.
  5. Say something positive – every time you look in the mirror and criticize some part of your body, you must also say something positive. Get in front of a mirror and look for those hidden beautiful spots. They’re there, believe me.
  6. Smile at a stranger, your co-worker, your kids, your partner. It will make them feel better and will lift your spirits as well.
  7. Be a slacker – You spend your days running around like a mad-woman and by the end of the day, you’re fried. This weekend, make sure you schedule a day full of NOTHING! Give yourself a day off. Everything can wait another day.

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