New Years Eve- Bring it on….

New Years Eve is only a few days away. What are your plans?

I plan to stay home and watch Dick Clarks New Years Rocking Eve, ordering some not so perfect food and hanging out with my hubby and my two kids. If you havent nodded off yet at this post, please read more…
Given my plans, you may think that I am not a fan of the “big night” but I actually love the night! I remember 20 years ago, going out, partying, and staying up all night.

Fast forward to present day. I am 46 with two kids ages 6 and 7 1/2. Staying up all night is something I do now when my kids are sick, or have nightmares. Partying now, is dancing to SpongeBobs latest tune or singing Shrek songs in our karaoke machine.
It is amazing what a “good time” means when you get older. The thought of going to a loud noisy club and forcing my way to the bar to “scream a drink order” into some young bartender who is old enough to be my son if I started having kids earlier, is something that doesnt appeal to me whatsoever.
Seriously, I do not feel old at all. In fact, I have never felt better. I fondly look back at those days of partying with a smile on my face. I never regretted them but now its time to experience New Years Eve with more reflection than “drinks”. A glass of wine and a toast with my husband to a year of happiness and joy. I reflect on having two healthy children, being able to care for my parents as they age, and for loving my job.
Tell us what your plans are? No matter what they are, promise us that you will take a few moments to reflect on the year gone by. What are you proud of, and what do you want to work on for the new year? Bring on New Years Eve! We are ready !

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4 Responses to New Years Eve- Bring it on….

  1. Kimberly C. Dixon says:

    My husband and I will be going out for dinner and celebrating home. New Year’s Eve is a specail day because he proposed to me last New Year’s Eve. I look forward to receiving my Master’s in Social Work in August 2010. I will be the first in my family to receive a graduate degree. I am looking forward to doing play therapy with the little people (kids). I am proud of being a newly wife and loving every minute of it. One thing I will definitely work on is LOVING my family more than I do now. I recently lost my grandmother unexpectedly and did not get to say good-bye or I love you one more time. Not a day goes by I that I don’t say, text, or email I Love You to my family and close friends.

    • URockGirl! says:

      Kimberly, thanks for leaving such an amazing comment! It sounds like 2010 holds some incredible things for you. It sounds like you really make the most of everyday, and that’s so important. So sorry to hear about your grandmother! It’s wonderful that you’re at least making a positive out of it by letting everyone know how much they mean to you. Hope that you and your husband have wonderful evening together to ring in the New Year!!! 🙂

  2. Mindy says:

    I plan on heading out for that big night on the town with my BF and some very special friends this year. I am still in my 20s so no children yet. Most years, I do prefer the stay at home in cozy clothing and partying with good food family and friends. This year is a big celebration with an outfit I can’t wait to show off at the Gaylord at the National Harbor in DC!! (Attempts will be made to limit drinks and bad foods since I have worked so hard on my figure for Cathy Savage!)

  3. Cathy says:

    Hey mindy! Sounds like you had a great night planned! Let us know what kind of evening you had!

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