One Step at a Time!

If you are having issues with staying true to your goal, it is likely that you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Is your goal too big? Are you READY to make the change? I always tell women that while we all start in a good place, with the best of intentions, we can fall off track faster than a race car. For example, last week, I had my whole planned out. I was going to drop the kids off at school, and then head straight to my studio to train. I knew no one would be at the studio and I could run around crazy, and do my thing, blasting the music and locking the door. But, then I got the call. My parents needed me, my kids school needed me, there was a delivery that didnt get sent, there was a computer glitch that I needed to attend to, and the rest is history. (this was all befroe 9am!). The rest of the day went downhill from there and soon my workout once again was a pipedream.
I often wonder, are there women who have the same experience and just say “who cares” and just continue with their training? Sure there are. I was one of the them a long time ago! As you get older, your responsibilities increase and your personal choices change.
The moral of this dilemma is to just take one step at a time. When I got home from my crazy day, I asked my kids for a dance off. It was absolutely the best part of my day.
Did I burn the correct calories? no. Did I reach my threshold for blah blah blah? no.
But I was MOVING and I was enjoying myself with my two favorite little people in the world.
So it wasn’t the best training day but at least I did something!
Sometimes having it all, means having no time at all….
But if you learn to take one step at a time, and make the most of those precious moments, you will get there…

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