Phenomenal Woman- Celine Dion

One of my favorite singers in the world, is Celine Dion. Seeing her from the front row in concert a few years ago, changed me forever. I had never been so touched by an entertainer. I am typically not the type of gal who is overly impressed with celebrities but Celine is like no other.
From the moment she appeared onstage, my husband and I were mesmorized. Not only was her voice as pure as anything I have ever heard, but she was stunningly gorgeous. Alot smaller than I had expected and just adorable and personable in every way. She constantly made fun of herself and her quirky ways (something I an totally relate to) and her passion for her songs rang true.
She saw me a few times, (likely with my mouth opened) and gave me a wink. Unlike the crowd that was screaming around me, I just stood there in the front row, in awe.
I have always loved her, due to her amazing talent, but now I started to love Celine, the person. Every time she talks about her son, she talks like I do, when I talk about my kids. For a superstar, she seemed so regular and like someone I would hang out with (I wish)
When the song Titanic started, I looked at my husband, who is the type of guy who tries not to show his feelings, tearing up. Of course everyone in the entire place was doing the same but it was really sweet to see good old hubby, so moved.
Celine is our Phenomenal Woman this week not only for her talent but for her character. When her husband was diagnosed with cancer, she stopped working altogether and remained by his side until he was feeling well. She has her priorities in good standing and her fame and fortune doesn’t make her feel that she is better than anyone else.

Celine has been active in Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation since 1993, though she began raising public awareness of cystic fibrosis in 1982 after to the tragic death of her 16 year old cousin from the disease.
She generates significant revenues for cystic fibrosis research and treatment from Canadian and international sources, and has generously donated to the Foundation her appearance fees from several concerts and guest appearances.
So cheers to our Phenomenal Woman, Celine Dion. Tell us what is your favorite Celine song?
Here are my top 5- download them and get inspired!
A New Day has Come
Taking Chances
To Love you more
Im Alive
Drove all Night
My heart will go on
Because you love me…
oh did I say 5? I could go on and on…

If I ever met Celine, there is only one thing I would say…. “U ROCK GIRL”

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