Big Ship, Big Portions

While cruising on the largest ship in the world, I noticed that in addition to the large size of the ship, there were large portion sizes abound.  The buffets were plentiful and it made me wonder many things. I noticed that the Americans we were near, took large portions while other international citizens were less interested in filling their plates. The Asian folks chose incredibly healthy choices and ate small meals, Our friends from Norway chose healthy meals as well and their portions were nearly half of what the Americans were taking. The Americans we saw, took large portions of carbs, desserts, etc- everything was excess. Now this wasnt true of everyone- I am not making a stereotype here- rather I wonder if our culture dictates our desires. Let me know your thoughts. What is your nationality and do you think it reflects how you eat and what you rave? Lets hear your thoughts….inquiinrg minds want to know!

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