Post-Halloween Pig-Out Plan

halloween-candy-1014629Halloween is just a few days away now behind us, and that means stocking up on getting rid of candy. Let’s just say you get got a little carried away with the sweet treats. It’s possible, you know. The candy is just sitting in your house, so it seems logical to make sure that Kit Kat’s still have their famous satisfying chocolate-y crunch. One innocent, little, fun-size candy bar led to two, which led to a few more. Before you know it, you’ve lost count. What the heck, you thought, I’ve already blown it, so why not keep on eating? By the end of the night, you have a terrible stomach ache from all of that sugar and a conscience that just won’t shut up.

Well, it’s time to adopt a new attitude. Beating yourself up over your less-than-stellar pig-out will do you no good. Own up to it and put it behind you. Then get back on the Clean Eating wagon. Try some of these tips to get you focused and help to clean out your system.

  • Drink a big glass of water with lemon juice as soon as you wake up and continue doing so throughout the day. This will help to detox the liver from all of that sugar and fat.
  • Eat small, balanced meals every 2-3 hours. Each meal should have a healthy carb (preferrably veggie, less grains), a lean protein (beans, fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, eggs, egg whites, organic dairy), and some healthy fat (nuts, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil). Lay off the sweets, added sugar, and artificial sweeteners.
  • Fill up on fiber – fruit, vegetables, beans, whole grains – which will improve your digestion, decrease any constipation, and make you feel full.
  • Workout – get sweaty and burn calories. It may not undo the damage from the night before, but it will make you feel better and help to put you in a calorie deficit.
  • Don’t look back – forgive and forget and move forward.


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