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CocoaVia Giveaway!

Chocolate is so sweet and delicious, that we think it should be its own food group. Unfortunately, too much chocolate can spell a diet disaster. To reap the benefits of chocolate without the crazy calories, CocoaVia has come up with single-serving packs
of a cocoa extract supplement to satisfy your chocolate craving while still allowing you to stay swimsuit ready. Even better – Three U Rock Girl subscribers will WIN a four-month supply ($160 value) of CocoaVia!

Benefits of Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Most people think that dark chocolate is a health food because of its antioxidants and that the higher the percentage of cocoa, the better it is for you. But did you know that the percentage of cocoa is not what’s behind the health boosting effects? It’s actually a phytochemical called cocoa flavanols that can help support healthy circulation.

CocoaVia is a daily cocoa extract supplement that supplies 250 mg of cocoa flavanols and is the only product that offers consumers a patented cocoa extract made from 100%
pure cocoa. Cocoa flavanols are scientifically proven to help support healthy circulation by helping your blood vessels stay flexible and expand as needed, even as you age. Healthy circulation affects your heart, brain, and eye health, even exercise performance!

CocoaVia makes it easy to consume cocoa flavanols every day. The convenient single-serving stick packs, which provide 250 mg flavanols, come in four delicious flavors – dark chocolate (unsweetened and sweetened, each 30 calories), summer citrus (20 calories), and cran-raspberry (20 calories). The chocolate varieties can be mixed into coffee, milk, almond milk, soy milk, oatmeal and yogurt, while the fruit flavors taste great in water, iced tea  and yogurt. There are no added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

How to Enter

Three lucky U Rock Girl subscribers will win a 4-month supply of CocoaVia , that’s one box of each flavor (valued at $160). To enter, first “Like” U Rock Girl on Facebook AND
“Like” CocoaVia on Facebook too. Then share which flavor you’re looking most forward to tasting on our FB page. Winners will be chosen at random.


promotion runs July 2nd-15th. Winners will be announced on Facebook.


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  1. michele says:

    dark chocolate!!

  2. Linda Frost says:

    Would love to be a winner for this contest!!!

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