Sex and the City 2- what I learned

Yesterday I saw “Sex and the City 2” with some of my coworkers and clients who are great friends. I was anxiously waiting for the FAB 4 GIRLS who I always related to, in the 1990s and beyond. I knew that there were mixed reviews on them movie but I still needed to see “my girls”. I didn’t care if the movie tanked or not-how could it not be fabulous with the glitz, the glam and the friendship.
So five of us went to the movie and saw it at the LUX LEVEL which meant fancy comfy seats, food that was delivered to your movie seat and drinks galore!
The gals I went with, however, couldn’t really take advantage of this FAB setup. Two of them were two weeks away form the biggest fitness event of the year so they couldn’t eat the movie food nor drink the fabulous cosmos that surrounded us by other large groups of women! One of my co-workers was pregnant so she was out and my other co-worker and I have made a pact not to have any alcohol until this fitness event that was coming up so needless to say, we were the “boring girls”.
While the movie was showing, I looked around to see all WOMEN in the audience. Not one guy was there. I can totally understand this. What I observed were groups of women, 2 gals, three or even more, having a ball, watching these heroines from SATC getting into outrageous situations. It made me smile that these women were all enjoying themselves, ignoring the bad reviews and they simply decided to take it all in.
For me, the movie had good points and not so great moments. First, I think what attracted us all to the FAB FOUR on the tv show, was that we saw ourselves in each of these women. How many people have ever asked you, WHICH ONE ARE YOU MOST LIKE? CARRIE? SAMANTHA? MIRANDA? CHARLOTTE?
I love when women can define exactly which gal they can associate with the most. For me, I can relate to all of them in different moments of my life.
One part of the movie that I found interesting was when Miranda and Charlotte talked about being Mothers. To me, it was the only realistic part of the movie. (you have to forget about the fact they were in evening gowns, in the middle east, in a 22k a night suite. Ok, so back to the Miranda-Charlotte moment- both women talked about how motherhood was HARD. They almost felt guilty for saying it. Now mind you, Charlotte did not have a career yet had a live-in nanny and still found it hard. Miranda is a lawyer who also has live in help but also still find it hard- But Miranda was talking more about how it “wasnt enough” and that she wanted her career to be a big part of her life.
In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, I couldnt help but wonder-WOW, I work full time, more like ALL the time and I have two small children and I do not have any nanny, babysitter for hire or any formal means of support. I could hear Charlotte and Miranda saying to me ” how do you do it all?”.
Really,,, I could hear them!
I of course was pissy, listening to these women who do not work, talk about how hard it is to have kids. But before I could jump on my high horse, I realized that everyone has different limits and different ideas of what motherhood should be.
So because I choose one way to live, someone else may not and thats ok.
I know many women who do not work, and who have childcare- that is their choice. It is not for me, or anyone else to judge.
I loved this part of the movie because it was two women (many of whom we know in our real lives) talking honestly about their life. … and thats never a bad thing..
So I walked away with a few thoughts on this movie and here they are:
1-Carrie Bradshaw is not aging gracefully yet her clothes are more fabulous than ever.
2-Parts of the Middle East look simply fabulous.
3-Having friends that you can grow old with, and be yourself with, are fabulous.
4-You can go to a movie that talks alot about cosmos yet still enjoy the movie with fabulous friends while drinking sparkling water.
5- Don’t ever go out to dinner with an ex-boyfriend who was madly in love with you, in the middle of a beautiful foreign country.
6-Respect the traditions of the country you are visiting.
and last but not least, glam is fun and so are nice shoes…but being a Mother is FABULOUS…..
Did I mention, using the word FABULOUS is just a part of being a SATC fan!
Looking forward to the 3rd installment!

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  1. Hey Cathy!

    I live in Dubai (Middle East in you vocab :)) just next to Abu Dhabi where some of the SATC scenes were shot and it IS absolutely stunning and different here. Most expats are living a great life and it is very glitzy, especially at night time when all them bling-bling cars come out to play!
    The Savage team has to come visit me one day!!

    PBO gal – Nadine

    ps. SATC 1 and 2 were banned here and not showed… like you said, respect the rules of the country you live in!

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