Super Bowl Survival Guide

Hey football fans! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the biggest football game of the season is in THREE DAYS! Whether you’re hosting or attending a party, you’ll be surrounded by all sorts of waistline-expanding food. On Super Sunday, it’s the biggest day for pizza sales and there will be more than 1 billion chicken wings consumed! Goodness only knows how many gallons of beer will be sipped or chugged to wash down all that food (any guesses?).

To make sure your belly doesn’t leave the party looking like a football, we’ve put together a nifty Super Bowl Survival Guide for you. Have fun, be safe, and root on your team to victory! We hope it’s a close one so we can see all those fun commercials.

  • Be prepared – If you’re the party host, make sure at least half of your snacks are figure-friendly. Swap out fried chips for baked ones, have a tray of colorful veggies and lots of healthy dips (hummus, salsa, guacamole), edamame, steamed dumplings, turkey meatballs, veggie chili, chicken skewers, shrimp cocktail. With such a variety of food, your guests won’t even miss the junk. If you’re the guest, make sure to contribute to the buffet by preparing a healthy dish – at least that way you know you’ll have something safe to eat.
  • Don’t arrive hungry – One of the biggest mistakes people make is showing up anywhere hungry. You’re just asking for trouble. Have a smart snack or meal containing protein and fiber (apple and almonds, banana and Greek yogurt, cucumber and hummus) about 30-60 minutes before the party.
  • Get some pre-game exercise – Undo some of the party food damage before the party by getting in a great workout of interval training and weights.
  • Survey the buffet – Before you load up your plate, check out the offerings. Then fill at least half your plate with smart foods (fruit, veggies, salad, chili, hummus), and then add a small amount of something a little naughty, if you so desire. It’s not about deprivation, just making smart choices.
  • Sip smarter – Do you love beer with football? If so, then choose a light beer and alternate it with water during the game. Drinking your calories (especially alcoholic ones) is a sure-fire way to overeat at the party and leave you feeling bloated the next day.

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