Ladies, I was so thrilled to read your OPERATION BEAUTIFUL comments the other day! Many of you love your shoulders! Many love your legs. I love to hear when you all talk about the positive things about yourself!
We need to do this more often!
This week, focus on these favorite body parts and ROCK IT OUT with a gigantic, enormous (or as I like to say gi-normous) grin on your face!

 My favorite is the good old Military Press! It is so symbolic of “lifting the weight of the world” over your head to show your strength! Its a sigh of relief to get that weight up above your head!

 Rock out your walking lunges! Download DONT STOP BELIEVING and perform alternating lunges to the entire length of the song! When you need it most, the chorus comes on strong- “HOLD ONTO THAT FEEELLLLING”

Let us know how your workouts go this week and keep OPERATION BEAUTIFUL going strong!

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