Would you like a side order of calories with that meal?

For a few years, fast-food joints have been posting the nutritional information of their menu items, though not always easy to find. Now more restaurants (those with more than 20 outlets) will have to post the calorie content of each item on the menu board and at the drive-thru. Want that Big Mac? It will set you back 500 calories.

I realize that there are opinions about this on both sides of the argument. Do you want the government policing your every bite? Or do you prefer to make an informed choice before diving into that giant burrito?

No one is trying to take your food away from you. But, with this rising epidemic of obesity, people do need to be educated about the calorie and fat content of the food they’re planning on eating to see if it will fit into their calorie budget.

When people eat away from home, they eat more and eat worse. When they see the actual number of calories in the food they are ordering, they are often shocked. With hope, it will guide them to making a healthier choice.

How do you think this labeling law will affect the way you make choices when eating away from home. Sound off – let us know what you think!

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2 Responses to Would you like a side order of calories with that meal?

  1. jdnara says:

    I think this is great – although we know the calorie counts will not be 100% accurate – it's still a start. If I want to have a cheat day I can keep it a little more in line when I have an idea of the calorie counts. Plus, now days, food that sounds healthy can be deceiving so having numbers can guide one when eating out. When I dine in the city where it is law that calorie counts have to be listed, I have changed my food choices based upon the calorie estimates. I think informing the public in anyway possible is a great start.

  2. Julie says:

    In the city of Seattle, all food establishments are required to show calories. I know it is not always accurate, but I think it is a good general idea to get people to start thinking about what they are eating. The only tough thing is for small restaurants and coffee shops have to spend the extra money to know and publish all the calories for each meal. I am sure it is an extra hassle for many small establishments.

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