Get Your Grill On!

So, the 4th of July is in about a week, and we know what that means – people all over the place will be firing up their grills and having parties. Whether you’re a grilling pro or are just beginning to get your … Continue reading

Prevent Dehydration

It’s summertime, and the temperature outside is now more or less regularly over 90 degrees. Prime time for dehydration. If where you live also happens to be humid, then you’ve just moved into the dehydration fast lane. And for all of … Continue reading

Summer Soup

On a hot summer day, you need something to cool you down. If you’re like us, you want something that’s quick to fix, won’t heat up the kitchen, and will keep you bathing suit-ready. A nice bowl of chilled soup that’s … Continue reading

Inflammation – It’s What’s Making You Sick

What do obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, stroke, cancer, and irritable bowl disease have in common? Scientists have linked all of these diseases (yes, obesity is considered a disease) and many more to chronic inflammation. And it’s inflammation that’s making … Continue reading

Roasted Pesto Potatoes

In a few days, it will officially be summer. And that means that it’s also barbecue season. Time for family gatherings, fun times playing in the pool with tunes blasting, and of course, some great smelling food on the barbecue. … Continue reading

Eat like a Nutritionist

A lot of people assume that all Nutritionists and Dietitians eat “perfect” diets all the time- that we’re only eating fruits and veggies and never eating anything fried or sweet. While it’s unrealistic to eat “perfectly” (and please define what … Continue reading

The Sleep-Weight Connection

If you are having trouble sleeping, you aren’t alone – about one-third of the adult population worldwide experiences insomnia at least occasionally. And for most of us, the quality of our sleep will decrease at some point in our lives. … Continue reading

Fluffy, Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

Mom always said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Well, in our case, it was our grandmother, who liked to refer to herself as the “original nutritionist.” Guess what? She was right! Starting your day with a … Continue reading


We are so excited that we just entered cherry season! Eating fresh cherries brings back so many wonderful childhood memories of summertime – swimming, playing with friends, and of course, spitting those pits. But did you know that cherries are … Continue reading

Asian Lettuce Wraps

We love Asian cuisine. Whenever we are in the mood for this type of food, we often go to P.F. Changs. One of our favorite things to eat at this restaurant is their vegetarian lettuce wraps. They’re so flavorful and fun … Continue reading