Easy and Delicious Paella

Nothing beats one-pot cooking. Only one pan to cook and clean. You have everything for a complete, balanced, nutritious, and delicious meal done at once. It’s so important to have a few easy recipes, like this yummy, gluten-free Paella, especially on those busy … Continue reading

Jewish New Year Tsimmes Recipe

Tonight at sunset, Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year – begins. The word Rosh means “head” and Shana means “year” which translates to the “head of the year”. Just like the traditional new year that celebrated on January 1st, … Continue reading

6 Tips to Beat the Battle of the Bulge

Check out our 6 tips to beat the battle of the bulge! Toss Out Temptation – Everyone has a list of “trigger foods” – which means an open bag is an empty bag. Before you revamp your eating program, go through your … Continue reading

What’s on Your “To-Do” List?

Every morning, do you write your “To-Do” list? Does it include any of the following? go to the market take the kids to school drop off the dry cleaning clean the house do the laundry pick the kids up from … Continue reading

Kale Chips

Chips are an American favorite. Whole aisles in grocery stores are dedicated to chips- there are just so many different types (pita, potato, corn, tortilla, veggie, etc) with so many different flavors. Chips always make an appearance at parties and … Continue reading

Weight Loss Myth#1

Starting today, we will be posting articles bi-monthly that expose some very common weight loss myths. As you know, there are plenty of them out there, so it will take us 2-3 months to bust as many of them as … Continue reading

Puffy Apple Pancake

Cereal and milk can get so boring. Plus, most of them are full of sugar and don’t even fill you up. Yes, even though Lucky Charms or Cap’n Crunch may taste delicious, these choices are not the right way to … Continue reading

Boost your Immunity

Now that the kids are back in school and fall is just around the corner, cold and flu season is on its way. Rather than be caught unprepared, how about boosting your immune system before those nasty viruses enter your … Continue reading

Is School Making your Child Fat?

Now that most kids around the country have started the new school year, it’s back to the age-old discussion – do you make their lunch or let them buy the lunch from the school’s cafeteria? Schools are supposed to comply … Continue reading

Black Bean Tostada Burgers

We love veggie burgers! We’ve tried most of them out there. Some are really good, some – not so much. What we look for in a veggie burger is flavor and texture. It has to really sing with spices and … Continue reading